3 Reasons I’m Okay With Slow Growth In My Business

3 Reasons Why I'm Okay With Slow Growth In My Business and you should too

Everywhere you look online there are entrepreneurs and start-ups sharing their overnight success stories, enormous income reports and numerous business wins. Many of these awesome entrepreneurs use their platforms to share their amazing success stories and strategies on how you can do the same quick fast and in a hurry. I’m not ashamed to admit, I was addicted to the hype of, quick strategies that promises overnight success and a booming 6 figure business with little to no effort. 


That’s not a realistic approach to use in starting a business that you truly care about. 

We all crave the reality of having a wildly successful business that, touches the spirit of our target customers and that we’re super proud of. After months and months of trying multiple strategies, practically re-branding myself 1000s times and feeling like just giving up all together… a light bulb went off. 

I finally realized that I need to be okay with the fact that, having a successful business means growing efficiently and slowly. Think about all of the successful people and entrepreneurs that you admire. They didn’t get where they are today in just 24 hours, 7 days or 3 months.

Super successful people are groomed for success through many years of hard work and personal life experiences. I know you’ve seen those memes about how Oprah was fired from her first broadcasting job before becoming a billion dollar talk show host and entrepreneur! Or how Issa Rae, went from being an awkward black girl, to having a successful YouTube web series, to being the writer and star of the amazing HBO series Insecure.

Both of these amazing women did not find success in their ventures instantly or overnight. I can promise you both women went through a phase of growth while honing their craft and getting laser focused on what impact they wanted to make on the world. 

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