6 Things To Look For In A Crowdfunding Site For Your Business

6 Things To Look For In A Crowdfunding Website

Getting a project or business idea off the ground is very possible but it does cost money to make money. Especially if you decided to start a business online. You can get started without a ton of money invested in marketing and other elements of a brick and mortar business. It also means less overhead so more money can be created as profits.

The biggest obstacle though is reaching the target audience. They have so many choices when it comes to shopping around online. It can be too easy for your business to get lost in the shuffle. Taking actions that will kick start what your business or project is all about is very important.


You may not be very familiar with what it offers or how to go about it. Yet this one concept can make a profound difference in the outcome for you. That is why more people are using it as a tool and a resource for what they wish to promote online. 

The basic concepts of what crowdfunding sites offer is the same. However, they have many differences among them too. In a nutshell, crowdfunding allows you to raise money for your business or project by reaching out to potential customers & followers to help you in bringing your idea to life. Before you post a project, take some time to see what each offers.

You may be saying you like the idea of crowdfunding, yet you are still somewhat intimidated by it. This blog post will share with you the the best forms of crowdfunding that work well for a given type of business, project or idea. 






Identifying the right crowdfunding site for the given project campaign you wish to share is important. This is just as important as identifying who your niche market is. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. You need to be able to offer something unique and creative. Otherwise, it isn’t going to be appealing enough for people to donate their money.

Visual Appeal

For many backers, the visual appeal of a campaign influences if they pay attention to it or not. If they don’t see that appeal, they won’t even invest the time to listen to it. Then they aren’t going to donate anything for it. The use of photos and videos can be very enticing for a given campaign. 

Quick Set Up

The ability to set up the campaign in a short amount of time is important. Some of the sites are more complex and challenging. Some of them only offer basic features and others offer some very detailed options. Think about what you need so that you can get it done to your specifications.

Some of the sites do require some HTML skills to get it done. Others are designed for beginners to use successfully.

Payments and Fees

Identifying the right site based on where they integrate payments through is important. Some of them use Amazon which means the campaign provider has to be USA based. Others use Paypal which can be used by those around the world. There can be fees for the payments, for credit card processing, and more. Make sure you carefully review those fees.


There are plenty of terms, conditions, and disclosures for any of the sites that offer crowdfunding platforms. Don’t assume that they are all the same as you will be in for a big surprise if you do. Make sure you fully understand everything before you agree to it. Don’t click the box and hope for the best as it can cost you money!

Customer Service

If you have any questions about the information you read, ask! There should be a way to contact customer service via email or by phone. They should be able to answer any specific questions you have. Should you not be able to get a reply or they give you the run around, that is a red flag not to work with that platform provider. 


There can be very specific types of guidelines for a given platform about what they will approve. Don’t waste their time or yours by not following these approval guidelines. This information can help you to determine the right platform to use for your crowdfunding campaign. What may be approved on one site isn’t going to be approved on another.