How To Build a Personal Brand That Gets You Paid

How TO Build A Personal brand That gets you paid

One of the best parts of building a personal brand is getting to attract your ideal customers. When you know who you are and what you offer, you’ll find it easier to connect with potential customers and clients. You’ll know how to reach them without having to resort to pushy sales tactics.


For many solopreneurs and small business owners, personal branding starts with discovering who you are. When you build your personal brand, you can highlight your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. This will help you feel less frustrated and save you energy because you’ll know which projects are a good fit for your talents. 

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to the wrong brand collaborations, projects or partnerships. An important part of personal branding is only allowing projects and partnerships in your life that focus on your strengths. When new opportunities present themselves, pause to check in with your gut. Is this project exciting to you? Does it allow you to highlight your best qualities? Will it add more joy to your life? 


You have a message to share with this world, a unique way to make people’s lives easier, more meaningful and more fun. You may not recognize what this message is. Most people don’t. 

This is your personal story, experience or values that make you the awesome lady boss that you truly are! You customers want to know, like and trust you. In order to get in good with your customers, you must build a solid brand that shares your story and stays aligned with the values of your business. The strongest connections come from telling your story, like for real! This is what brings your brand to life and helps you make meaningful connections with potential customers. 

Sometimes, it takes the guidance of a business coach or a trusted mentor to help you discover your message. That’s why you may want to consider working with a coach or mentor as you seek to define your personal brand (Or you could totally download the awesome workbook mentioned above and get started on your own!).


Once you understand personal branding and know the message you’d like to share with your ideal customers & clients, it’s time to think about your true passion & talents. This is the area where your customers need help and where you function best. 

You can communicate your passions & strengths by sharing stories that show who are you are, as a person and a professional. For example, I am super passionate about helping other lady entrepreneurs get starting in business, with actionable tips, resources, and 1:1 guidance. So I created the Hustle & Grow Podcast to share my own entrepreneurial story in hopes that it can be inspirational to you!

You want the stories that you share to resonate with your ideal customer so don’t be afraid to examine their goals, fears, and frustrations. You could share a story about your own frustration and instantly relate to your target customer. When you share these personal stories, you’ll be building your personal brand and actually make a connection!

Personal branding is all about knowing who you are and what your message is so you can serve your ideal customers. Keep in mind that it does take time to discover and implement your personal brand. If you’d like to speed up this process, it can be helpful to reach out to a mentor or business buddy.